Brendanex offers full support in any potential business activity to be transformed into a legal set up, in a consulting level, by assisting or even creating from scratch the concept and the relative scheme of partners as also the way to maximize results.

More analytically Brendanex can support all the following tasks:

Strategy plan on a new Business Activity

Strategic Plan & detailed Tactics to capture the market by reaffirming and/or establishing new corporate objectives, setting feasible goals, acquiring and/or aligning resources and communicating in detail the new direction, policies and activities.

  • Analysis or assessment of the current internal and external environments
  • Strategy formulation where the high level strategy is developed and documented into the organization’s strategic plan
  • Strategy execution to translate the high level plan into specific operational planning and action items
  • Evaluation or adjustment of the Strategy Plan


Company set up on an optimum way

Complete legal and accounting guidance to get all of the legal and other challenges aspects out of the way. We understand how each legal structure works and will pick the one that best fits your needs.

  • Market survey & feedback of ecosystem to the partners
  • Options of legal set up to maximize profit & monitoring



Business Plan formation

Well-designed Business plan for starting, managing and growing your business depicting growth and necessary steps required to get there, formatted per case and also used as your ultimate communications tool for attracting financing and experienced staff as your business grows.

  • Vision of the company
  • Mission of the company
  • Common Goals
  • SWOT analysis
  • Sales Estimates on a 5yrs projection
  • P&L development
  • OPEX & CAPEX optimization

All the above are key elements to the Business Plan’s set up.

Business Development & Sales Plan

Business Development & Sales Plan, focused on both potential and existing customers, outlining goals, objectives, best practices, and processes designed to align the business team, create consistency, within the organization, and then on wards to share the tactics.

  • Market survey & potential sales estimates on a 5yrs basis
  • Sales plan to create the revenue streams
  • Pricing model to adopt
  • Competition analysis


Marketing plan

Marketing plan to prioritize your marketing efforts and act as a reminder for what you need to focus on, outlining all the steps and actions used to achieve the business goals.

  • Market survey to identify access of product/solutions of the business via the marketing tool
  • Competition analysis on the Marketing activities & techniques utilized


Organisation plan

Organization plan to provide guidance to all employees by outlining the reporting lines and to facilitate the setup of new positions in the company.

  • Optimize set up along with the guidelines of the Business partners
  • Identify the proper functions linked to the ideal Executives in cooperation with the Business partners


Overseas Business Expansion & Development

Reliable and practical assistance to support your business expansion in any country abroad, and eliminate all possible local challenges.

  • Subsidiaries/Branch offices set up
  • Subsidiaries/Branch offices monitoring (Business-wise & P&L wise)


Restructuring in existing set up focused on swift results

Redesigning the business by shifting focus, modifying goals, restructuring roles and responsibilities, and developing new forms after thoroughly investigating the ecosystem and its potential forces (competition, technological innovations, demographics, trends etc.)

  • In cases of need of restructuring in existing set ups